The startup ecosystem is poised for a hockey stick growth

Building a startup is complex. There are in fact many many challenges but one of those challenges i.e. the cost of product development has already reduced by leaps and »

Defining your Customer Segments correctly

If you do not correctly define your customer segments and users then the rest of your analysis on what problems they have and how to reach out i.e. "market »

Optimize product UX: horizontal vs vertical menu, left vs right menus

UberStarter is going to help startups speed up and as you can imagine that implies it needs to help startups on so many fronts that it is a big box »

Defining product for lean startups: power users vs new users

Most product companies define and differentiate their users based on their roles. Very few try to treat their users differently based on how long they have been using their product »

Understanding Minimum Viable Product : MLP vs MVP vs MSP

We have more popularly heard about building an MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product. It is a key aspect of Lean Startup methodology. However it is not a well defined »

Get more out of product pricing: Use your pricing page to highlight advantages

If a prospective customer is visiting your site, then it is highly likely that they will also check out your product pricing. It is also highly likely that they are »