Startups need a curious mind

One of the things which is a big problem for businesses everywhere is hiring the right talent or team. Even investors are looking for the right team and in a way "hire" the right startup team by investing in it.

We all talk about the importance of a team and yes once a team has executed then we are able to point at them and declare them as the right people to build a startup or not. But early on, without a prior track record it is difficult to know if a team is right for building a successful startup.

It is not that building startups is the only measure of capability and definitely we have extremely capable people at every level in different industries who can execute well. But not every extremely capable person is the right person to be involved with a startup. Some are better off helping larger companies like Google or Apple to succeed even more.

It is also not necessary to be entreprenurial, to be perfect for being part of a startup team. People also mistake the ability to do business and do deals as equivalent of ability to build a startup. A great sales guy working for let's say IBM or a great biz dev guy at Amazon is not necessarily well equiped to found a startup or even work for a startup.

Startups need a curious mind. Someone who keeps tinkering with the possibilities.

Image Source: The secret benefits of a curious mind

Not just an idea person. Everyone is a dreamer and has a hundred ideas. But someone who will also try out some of those ideas and see if they work. You are not sufficiently curious unless you are also willing to experiment with stuff and get your hands dirty.

And not just someone who does his job well. Many of us can do our assigned jobs well. But someone who would have played around with exploring something other than what the assigned job needed, and not just for the sake of money but because they were curious.

Curiosity may have killed the cat but it is probably the best indicator for being fit to be part of a startup. But why is it such a good indicator ? Startups are inherently and by definition very experimental in nature. They are also very risky, doomed for failure and need a certain bent of mind to keep trying till it works. There are of course very sincere people out there who always do their jobs sincerely. But sincerity is not sufficient. I can sincerely keep standing in one corner but it will not help me get things done. For the truly curious (by my definition: those who dream big... small ideas, as well as do not hesitate to experiment and get their hands dirty) being part of a startup is like a really enjoyable game which they are playing to just get things done.

So do not miss-hire ! If you are building a startup or looking to invest in one, look out for some curious minds.