Startups need a curious mind

One of the things which is a big problem for businesses everywhere is hiring the right talent or team. Even investors are looking for the right team and in a »

The best way to bootstrap your startup

You have to bootstrap you startup. Even those who apply to YCombinator or raise seed funding early on, bootstrap for a bit. Some have access to FFF (Family, Friends & »

Why startups need to be good at game theory

Here is a quick question from a GMAT test (taken by MBA applicants). Which of the following is the correct answer ? a. 4π sq. inches b. 8π sq. inches c »

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

It always seems harder to do something before it's done. One of the not so easy things for me has been to switch from coffee to green tea. I still »

What startups can learn from iPhone 6 vs Nexus 4 comparison

Every Apple product launch day is a good time to bash its newly launched products. Probably because at least in the last decade or so Apple product launches have been »

The startup ecosystem is poised for a hockey stick growth

Building a startup is complex. There are in fact many many challenges but one of those challenges i.e. the cost of product development has already reduced by leaps and »